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Cloud Hosting Vs Shared Hosting

Cloud Hosting Vs Shared Hosting

Even for experienced programmers, this is a dilemma that often haunts them. Where to host the website? There are 3 main choices and all they have their advantages and disadvantages.

You have your website on hosting, shared hosting or dedicated hosting.
There are certain elements that ought to be uppermost in your heads whenever you’d like to select between these choices. Cost, Speed, Traffic, Security, and Scalability would be the significant elements which you should think about in choosing the kind of hosting that you need.
Cost – Shared hosting is the most economical as it uses one server to cater to many sites.
Cloud is also very affordable for the majority of small and medium companies. Committed hosting is expensive and is acceptable for big corporations and e-commerce websites who need all the advantages that this sort of hosting provides.
Speed – A committed hosting definitely is your winner with regards to speed since you’ve got your own dedicated hosting service with nobody to share bandwidth. This can give you the speed you require. The hosting will come a close second since it is the luxury of numerous servers catering to the identical set of sites. Shared hosting can be not for one who need the speed of page loading.

Traffic – If you are expecting much traffic spikes, then cloud hosting and committed hosting are those for you. Though most shared hosting promise you 99.99% uptime, if there’s a traffic spike on your web site you may suffer downtime. Even when one of the servers fails in the cloud hosting, there are other servers to utilize resources from. Security – That is a major issue that all web sites face. You get full access control and you may shield your data and privacy. Even when there’s a problem with your server you may readily be moved to another server. That is a great option for beginners and medium-sized businesses with not too much traffic.

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